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In cold environments, worksite heaters are key to maintaining a safe, warm, and productive site. Our reliable heaters hold up to the coldest conditions, keeping you comfortable and focused on the task at hand. Choose from our selection of fans to distribute or filter the air with one of our negative air machines.

Equipment listed for informational purposes only. Specific brands and models may vary.

NorthStarEquipment_Wacker-Neuson-E1100-GroundThawHeater (1)

E1100 Ground Thaw Heater


E3000 Ground Thaw Heater

NorthStarEquipment_Flagro Indirect Fired Heater

390,000 BTU Indirect Natural Gas/Propane Heater

Indirect Fired Diesel Heater

390,000 BTU Indirect Diesel Heater

NorthStarEquipment_6KW 208-240V Electric Heater

6 kW Electric Heater

Indirect Thermostat

Indirect Thermostat

NorthStarEquipment_Heater Ducting

12" x 12" Heater Duct

NorthStarEquipment_Heater Ducting

16" x 25" Heater Duct

NorthStarEquipment_FN42 Air Mover

42" Air Mover

NorthStarEquipment_FN20 Air Mover

24" Air Mover

Ductable Air Mover

Ductable Air Mover

NorthStarEquipment_Carpet Fan

Carpet Fan

Industrial Pedestal Fan

Industrial Pedestal Fan

Portable Dehumidifier

Portable Dehumidifier

Negative Air Machine

Negative Air Unit

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