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Meet the Team

Bobby Walker Headshot

Bobby Walker

Territory Manager


Bobby enjoys being the first call for NorthStar Equipment Rentals’ wide variety of clients, finding the best equipment to meet their evolving needs. He ensures everyone is taken care of and is always ready to provide support where needed. Drawing inspiration from his energetic Husky named Mav, Bobby manages high-energy and a fast pace with ease, contributing to the upbeat culture of the team. 
Brian Maiani headshot

Brian Maiani

Purchasing & Fleet Coordinator


Brian started out as a truck driver, but he moved to the rental equipment industry because the equipment he was delivering attracted his interest. Now, he thrives in unpredictability—a single call can completely change the trajectory of the day! With the enjoyable challenge of critical logistics and a highly effective team, Brian looks forward to coming to work each day.
Cliff Buhr headshot

Cliff Buhr



With a lifelong passion for equipment, Cliff's career spans over three decades in the industry. Having honed his skills across every department at NorthStar Equipment Rentals, Cliff provides guidance and empowers others to excel. Trusting his capable team's ability to tackle challenges and deliver exceptional results, Cliff’s leadership ensures their collective long-term success and excellent customer service.  
Cory Fath headshot

Cory Fath

Operations Manager


Cory thrives in the daily variety at NorthStar Equipment Rentals, growing his career through many roles. He is a self-professed workhorse who isn’t afraid to speak up and loves the challenging logistics of out-of-town jobs. With his well-honed leadership skills, Cory fosters a collaborative culture where everyone understands the value they bring to the team.  
Curt Engel headshot

Curt Engel

Sales Manager


Curt has his boots and his ears to the ground. With a long-tenured career in the equipment rental industry, he values staying in touch with the demands and challenges of modern job sites, always looking for new and better tools and solutions. Curt enjoys building strong relationships with customers and his team, creating a collaborative environment for shared growth and success.   
Dustin Prostebby Headshot

Dustin Prostebby

Customer Service Lead


For Dustin, there is nothing like going to a construction site and seeing NorthStar Equipment Rentals equipment. The satisfaction of knowing he was involved in providing a solution to a site’s problem inspires his amazing customer service. While spending time with his family will always hold the top spot, Dustin deeply values the relationships he’s developed collaborating with his clients and team.  
Greg Kleemir Headshot

Greg Kleemir

Branch Manager


Greg is driven by his fascination with weird challenges that require creative and critical thinking to overcome. Even more than this, he enjoys working with his tight-knit group at NorthStar Equipment Rentals. Everyone looks out for one another, and there is a true safety-oriented culture, something that Greg has an even deeper appreciation for from his role as a volunteer firefighter.  
Nick Radke Headshot

Nick Radke

Parts & Service Manager


Nick’s approach to leadership ensures that the parts and service team at NorthStar Equipment Rentals is as reliable as he is. With his technical competence and ability to learn on the fly, Nick offers exceptional support, empowering his team to be subject matter experts. The trust and collaboration this approach creates are critical in maintaining an agile and efficient team.  
Ryan Staines Headshot

Ryan Staines

Customer Service Representative


Having started in construction, Ryan’s perspective as the equipment's end-user allows him to relate to customers and understand their problems. This makes him an incredibly effective customer service representative. Like the classic rock artists that he enjoys listening to, Ryan can play things by ear, staying tuned to changing needs and keeping dispatch running smoothly and on time. 
Tyler Woolgar headshot

Tyler Woolgar

Territory Manager


Tyler supports his clients with outstanding customer service, often collaborating to solve unusual problems and deliver customized solutions. He is always on the move, ensuring everyone has the proper support and tools to tackle the day's challenges. Tyler invests in his well-being through fitness and nutrition, community involvement and developing solid relationships with clients and colleagues. 

Join the Team

Interested in joining our trusted team of rental equipment experts? We proudly operate in Edmonton and Calgary; check out our careers page to learn more about life at NorthStar Equipment Rentals and to find current career opportunities.